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    I thought it was about time to start a local politics site for Mifflin County and the surrounding area.  I would like to keep this site clean from a negative attack site, but time will tell if this stays true.

Global Warming

How to combat Global warming and win.  Give the people a cheap replacement for oil, gas, and nuclear.  Solar panels and windmills only supplement what we now have.  Nicola Tesla gave us the Tesla Tower.  It would have provided earth with free clean energy as long as the earth spins and the sun shines.  It used the earth electromagnetic field much the same as a huge electric motor.  The tower was already built, but was tor down.  We currently use Tesla's AC power that was developed over 100 years ago and nobody except Tesla ever improved on it.  Tesla designed the first hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls.  





Checkout the warrant that was used to search Trumps residence August 8th 2022





Trump Indicted Classified Documents 06/08/2023    PDF

Trump showing TOP SECRET documents to female reporters

Trump Jan 6th Indictment  08/01/2023 PDF














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